Welcome New and Returning Gardeners!

Dear 2021 Rose Roots Gardeners,

Despite that we've had to cancel our May 2 Opening Celebration due to anticipated weather (with the hope of rescheduling another kick-off get together), our leadership team is excited to welcome a record number of new gardeners and are excited to see all of you returning gardeners back! The water is turned on and it's time to start getting seeds in! We had a wonderful turnout at our first Work Party with over 30 people in attendance and got all the new hose hangers installed. We are finalizing registration, but it looks like here are our appx. numbers:

Rose Roots Community Garden, 2020

Garden Stats

125 gardeners registered

100 plots sold total

10 ADA plots sold

10 Half plots sold

3 food donation plots full

1 scholarship plot issued

Our first Monthly meeting will be on Monday May 3 at 6 pm at the garden behind the East shed and all are encouraged to attend.

We were having a discussion about how several of us didn't know how to access garden resources or get involved when we first started. Here is a list of ways to get involved at the Get Go, learn more, and meet your garden community! Learn more at our garden website:


Top 5 Ways to show Garden Love:

1.Service Hours: 12 hours per plot per season required. Join Thursday and weekend Work Parties to fulfill your hours. Sign up for Service Jobs on our website (under Member Resources/Service Hours Here) and log hours in the barn or online Here.

2.Composting: Trainings offered. Two hours per season per gardener please. Help chop up the compost pile and note what goes in and what doesn't! Check the Calendar for details on an upcoming compost training at a neighbor garden on May 11.

3.Monthly meetings: First Monday of each month at 6 pm: held at the garden (or online in inclement weather on Google Meet here: http://meet.google.com/kuo-eeig-icz). Get to know fellow gardeners and provide constructive input. Check calendar for changes.

4.Website Calendar: shows upcoming events. RSVP so we can plan fabulous events for you!

5.Reach Out: Share, be kind and helpful to your fellow gardeners. Join our Facebook and Instagram "Rose Roots Community Garden" pages to share and collaborate. Participate in Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) trainings. Read our monthly newsletter in your Email to stay informed. Respond to text reminders to let us know if you can make Work Parties and socials. We are all volunteers and, as they say, "many hands make light work!"

We look forward to another fabulous year of growing food and community together!

As leaders we'd like to offer ourselves up as mentors for those getting started. Below is an introduction to our 2021 Rose Roots Steering Committee.

See you out at the garden!


Erin Newton, President

and Rose Roots Leadership 2021

(720) 702-8806