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Rose Roots Composting 101

"Composting changed my Life. It made me realize nothing ever dies, ever. That's energy that turns into rich life-giving soul".

-Urban Garden Documentary "Can you Dig This"

Quick Tips

Do Add to the Compost Piles:

  • Weeds

  • Organic Matter

  • Greens (alive) and Browns (completely dead) matter from your garden

  • Do cut the pieces down to 2-4 inches so they can be mowed.

Don't Add to the Compost Piles:

  • Metal pieces

  • Small Plastic pieces

  • Anything with pesticides

  • Fruit or food (attracts animals)

  • large rocks

  • sunflowers

  • large root balls

  • Anything you can't mow

We encourage all gardeners to help break down our compost piles and learn about how we move our composting through a three box system. Feel free to ask composters at work for more information and get tips and tricks on composting from Rose Roots Gardeners in our quick tutorials below. Help turn our garden organic matter into Black Gold! 

Note: Helping with composting can be part of your 12 Service hours required per season.

Please cc and direct questions to:

Julie Gleason, Compost Lead, Master Composter:

Glen Andrews: Compost Lead: