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Rose Roots Projects
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Westside Landscaping Project 2021

A Neighborhood Improvement Partnership

with Rose Roots, the City of Arvada and Denver Urban Gardens

Project Proposal Here.

About the Project

This project is funded through a $3,000 grant from the City of Arvada and a $2,500 match from Rose Roots Community Garden. It will feature a Farm-to-Table dining area which can also be used for educational purposes as well as a commemorative garden sculpture. We will plant trees for shade and wind barrier and native drought resistant ground cover. Pathways and seating areas will be offered for community use.


We have had many meetings to review and revise concept sketches and implementation plans, cost estimates and review supply and contractor bids. We use spreadsheets to track material expenses, volunteer hours, and in-kind donations. We also completed a community open house meeting and a site walk through with community and team members.


  • Oct 2021: The City mowed the Site so we can start next steps.

  • September 2021: Big News! We ordered landscaping materials through Pioneer landscaping supply this past week and the material was delivered.

  • August 2021: We measured, staked and painted planting bed borders, the sculpture site, and started "lasagna" layering the planting beds with cardboard, manure, leaves and grass cuttings to create revitalized soil once these layers break down.



Project Steps going Forward Oct-Dec 2021

Grade the Site

  1. Rent front end loader and have it delivered to Rose Roots 

  2. Level the picnic table area and move excess dirt to western part of plot 

  3. Adjust the western part of the plot to 5% grade to memorial area 

  4. If possible, have the area mowed, to help see where the excess dirt should be placed. Then: 

  5. Have the utilities companies mark utilities lines in the construction area 

  6. Determine an electrician who will do the electrical work 

Electricity to Site

o Get electrician to provide: the conduit, wire, circuit brakers and plug ins, pull electrical permit, etc. and the cost. (Do we need to have two or three bids, per city contracting requirements?) 

o Have the electrician tell you how deep the trench needs to be dug to meet codes. o Have electrician, mark where electrician wants the conduit trench dug. 

o Have electrician return once trench is dug and install the electrical o Have city inspector sign off on electrical work 

Plumbing to Site

· Determine plumbing company to do the water line work 

o Get plumbing company to provide: the water piping, valves, pull plumbing permit, etc. and the cost. (Do we need to have two or three bids, per city contracting requirements?) 

o Have the plumbing company tell you how deep the trench needs to be dug to meet codes.

o Have plumbing company mark where they want the water pipe trench dug. 

o Have plumbing company return once trench is dug and install the water piping 

o Have the city inspector sign off on the work 

· Have a work party to prep the area for trenching once the electrician and plumbing company have marked “off” where they want the trench dug.

Prepare Site for Electricity, Plumbing and Gravel Pathways

o Remove the western edge wire fencing at least 4 feet back from the proposed trenching line (on each side of the proposed trench line). 

o Remove the gravel back from the proposed trench area by at least 3 feet on each side of the trench line. 

o Remove the weed barrier back from the proposed trench area by at least 3 feet on each side of the trench line. (Lay the weed barrier over gravel pile) 

o Re-mark the proposed trenching lines with paint. 

Next Steps Fall 2021-Spring 2022

We'll likely make one or two more horse manure runs this fall.

We will need to request some assistance from our Grantor, the City of Arvada. We have sent a memo to the City and we are hoping we can move forward to schedule the following:

  • Work with the City us on locating water and electric service. They have been on site this week and have located several lines.

  • Recommend a City approved herbicide to kill weeds in the pathways and common areas.

  • Mow the site-The City mowed in October 2021

  • Locate, cap and cover the existing well that served the former resident at the site.

  • Equipment rental and delivery for a small backhoe from Arvada Rent Alls will run $485 to grade the site. We are continuing to research options for this important step. If anyone has access to a grader for a half day, we’d much appreciate it!

  • We are looking into various options for landscape edging for the picnic areas and pathways. We dropped by Whisper Creek Park to see edging examples and are getting pricing on various types of path edging.

  • We will work with a local plant nursery to confirm pricing on trees and submit an order. Tree planting will occur in the Spring, when we have access to water service on the site. We will get wholesale rates through a Denver Urban Gardens partnership.

  • The Westside Landscaping Team recommended use of native trees, shrubs and perennials in the planting beds and for the windbreak. The plant selection and planting plan is one of our next steps. The City of Arvada has an approved plant list and we can recommend natives and check to ensure our selection is compatible with the City's list.

RR west side concept sketch A_PS.jpg
RR west side concept sketch B_PS.jpg
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