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Rose Roots Projects
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Westside Landscaping Project 

A Neighborhood Improvement Partnership

with Rose Roots, the City of Arvada and Denver Urban Gardens

Project Proposal Here.


Project Lead: Patty Sacks

About the Project

This project is funded through a $3,000 grant from the City of Arvada and a $2,500 match from Rose Roots Community Garden. It will feature a Farm-to-Table dining area which can also be used for educational purposes as well as a commemorative garden sculpture. We will plant trees for shade and wind barrier and native drought resistant ground cover. Pathways and seating areas will be offered for community use.


We have had many meetings to review and revise concept sketches and implementation plans, cost estimates and review supply and contractor bids. We use spreadsheets to track material expenses, volunteer hours, and in-kind donations. We also completed a community open house meeting and a site walk through with community and team members.

March 2023 West Side Landscape Improvements Status Update
In 2021 Rose Roots Garden submitted and won a Neighborhood Improvement Grant
from the City of Arvada to beautify the vacant lot on the West Side of Rose Roots
Community Garden. The stipulation was to leave room for the City maintenance staff to
stage equipment for their landscaping crew on one half of the lot. Rose Roots
leadership developed alternative plans, met with gardeners and members of the
community, and refined the site plan during the design process. Later that year, we
purchased materials and stockpiled them on the site. In 2022, we graded the site and
installed the hardscape. This spring, on May 6, trees shrubs and perennials will be
installed with volunteer labor from the garden and other organizations. The species list
includes a mix of plants native to Colorado that will help to establish a windbreak on the
West Side. Fruit trees were omitted from the list due to their maintenance requirements.


Once planting of trees and shrubs is complete this spring, we will work with a local seed
mix provider to get some grasses and native wildflowers established on the site.
Volunteers will be on call to ensure the trees and shrubs receive proper care to
establish on the site. Rose Roots will also work with the City of Arvada to establish
irrigation to enable the trees to survive over time.

The pollinator bed species list is developed. We will seek donations of perennials for the
West Side bed adjacent to the fence, to be planted in mid-May to mid-June. We need a
good mix of early, mid and late season perennials to make the bees happy.

Work on site furnishings, including two curb stops several raised planters and a short
length of post and cable fencing to keep maintenance vehicles out of the park. The
commemorative sculpture, entry arbor, and remainder of planting for the pollinator bed
will follow initial construction. These improvements will be purchased or accomplished
through the  Rose Matching Fund, by additional grant awards, and through volunteer



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