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Thank you to our newly elected 2021 Season Rose Roots Garden Leaders (see below). We appreciate your commitment, passion, and time!

Service Jobs: Check out our Service Jobs and let us know if you'd like to fill any of these positions for the 2021 Season. These are not voted upon positions unless more than one person wants to be a lead, then we will vote on those lead positions at the start of next season. Read about positions available Here. Please email us Here if you'd like to fill a lead position.


Erin Newton

President (2021 Season)

Erin has managed our website for the last few years and much of our communications and marketing. Having worked as a geologist and currently a harpist, she recently Chaired the Arvada Parks Advisory Committee and looks forward being part of  a strong inclusive Rose Roots Leadership team. She has gardened with her husband and two sons at Rose Roots from nearly the very start. Her family has enjoyed some of their most peaceful and joyful hours, albeit dirt infused, together at the garden. Her parents now share the adjacent plot and share watering efforts.


Kendra Eliason

Membership (2020-2021 Seasons)

Kendra, passionate gardener and weekend outdoor adventurer, donates innumerable hours to keeping Rose Roots Garden alive. She welcomes all volunteers who want to share the load!

When she's not at the garden, she enjoys biking, hiking, and climbing.

Karel Hemler

Treasurer (2020-2021 Seasons)

Karel iis an adept organizer of people and numbers! As part of a small volunteer organization, Karel looks forward to the challenge of continuing to create greater opportunities for the garden with less.


Jim Richards

Operations Lead

There is no end to the jobs that need doing and the hands that need recruiting in a large volunteer driven project such as Rose Roots. Jim and Jason form a strong partnership in leading gardeners to maintain the beautiful shared community grounds. 

Jim can be seen walking nearly every day, during high season, with his wife, Linda, to the garden to maintain their fertile plot and help others whenever needed.


Gary Williams

Equipment Lead

Gary, formerly an engineer, utilizes all of his years of experience to set Rose Roots Gardeners up with the best gravel for combatting weeds, the finest tools for the job, and he constantly problem solves with the garden leaders.


Gary is often gardening with his wife Jeneyne, and daughter Erin, who maintain neighboring plots as a family. Three generations, with their grandchildren often playing in the children's garden, keep Rose Roots Garden vital.

Patty Sacks

Vice President (2021 Season)

Patty is a recently retired Landscape Architect/Project Manager from the National Park Service after 36 years. This gave her time to start gardening at Rose Roots. She is now looking forward to contributing at an organizational level to bring it all full circle. As second in command she will work closely with the group to assure we have a cohesive leadership team for the 2021 gardening season.

Laura Bennett

Secretary (2021 Season)

Laura, our newly elected Secretary for the 2021 Season, offered Gardener orientations in 2020 and is excited to take on another important role. She is still happy to offer new gardeners tours of the garden, and will likely be offering more cooking workshops focused on healthy garden veggie recipes in 2021.

Barb Mutnan

Community Outreach Lead

As an outreach coordinator, Barb coordinates the various garden teams and looks for opportunities to liason with other organizations for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Originally from Chicago, Barb can offer tips for those struggling with our often exciting weather patterns.

Theresa McKinney

Food Bank Coordinator

When it comes time to harvest thousands of pounds of precious food, Theresa's job of coordinating volunteers to transport fresh organic food quickly to the Arvada Food Bank is among the most important. As she was instrumental in coordinating support and put together the team who raised the new Rose Roots Barn, earning a Garden Leader Award from Denver Urban Gardens,  she looks forward to utilizing the barn to keep harvested food fresh.

Email Portrait-2.png

Gina Schley

Stewardship Lead

Gina, among the original founders of Rose Roots Garden continues to consult while Co-Hosting "Urban Conversation", a reality show she and her husband produced to show their family's journey towards sustainable living. Get some gardening tips and watch the fabulous PBS episodes at 

Nicole McCrorie

Pollinator Garden Lead

Nicole and Tyler lead a team of active early risers who maintain the new beautifully flourishing Pollinator garden. As Master Gardeners in Training, they are always happy to share tips with anyone who cares to join in helping to maintain the garden space filled with native species at the entrance to Rose Roots garden. 


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