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Become a Leader!

Thank you to our 2022 Season Rose Roots Garden Leaders for joining our Steering Committee. We appreciate your commitment, passion, and time!

Service Jobs: Check out our Service Jobs and let us know if you'd like to fill any of these positions for the 2021 Season. These are not voted upon positions unless more than one person wants to be a lead, then we will vote on those lead positions at the start of next season. Read about positions available Here. Please email us Here if you'd like to fill a lead position.

Meet our Community

Laura Bennett

President 2023

I love our community and have lived in north Arvada for 30 years.  I thrive in the outdoors with biking, hiking, golfing, and skiing.   Walking through our community brings me inner peace-as I realize how how "lucky we all are".  The garden is a peaceful place to bond with mother nature and also people with common interests.  Being a part of this community has opened my eyes to so many programs as well as other people in need that do not have the same opportunities that I have had.  Cooking is my passion-and I spend hours a day cooking, planning, planting all for nourishment of my body and soul!  Happiness in my heart!


Christie Morin

Membership Registration 2023

Christie is a 3rd year returning gardener,  who has lots of ideas and energy to improve processes!  She still works full time for a large software company as a Customer Success Manager; so you can be sure she will she reply and do whatever she can to make your garden season a happy one!


John Malito

Treasurer 2023

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Sawyer photo.JPG

Shannon Sawyer

Administrator 2023

This is Shannon's second year at Rose Roots. Although she has gardened in the upper Midwest and the Pacific Northwest, she never experienced such garden struggles than when she came to CO. Yet with the community at Rose Roots to learn from and in the peaceful setting of the park, the trials and errors in the garden have become oh, so much the sweeter!


Jim Richards

Operations Lead 2023

Cormorant Garamond is a classic font with a modern twist. It's easy to read on screens of every shape and size, and perfect for long blocks of text.


Gary Williams

Operations Team Lead 2023

Cormorant Garamond is a classic font with a modern twist. It's easy to read on screens of every shape and size, and perfect for long blocks of text.


Erin Newton

Vice President 2023

Erin has managed our website for the last few years and much of our communications and marketing. Having worked as a geologist and currently a harpist, she recently Chaired the Arvada Parks Advisory Committee and enjoys being part of  a strong inclusive Rose Roots Leadership team. She has gardened with her husband and two sons at Rose Roots from nearly the very start. Her family has enjoyed some of their most peaceful and joyful hours, albeit dirt infused, together at the garden. Her parents now share the adjacent plot and share watering efforts.


Patty Sacks

Special Projects 2023

Patty is a recently retired Landscape Architect/Project Manager from the National Park Service after 36 years. This gave her time to start gardening at Rose Roots. She is now looking forward to contributing at an organizational level to bring it all full circle. As second in command she will work closely with the group to assure we have a cohesive leadership team for the 2021 gardening season.


Judy Newton

Community Outreach Lead 2023

For 30 years Judy ran an Early Childhood Development Center and served as Director and physical therapist. We are lucky to have her management skills as our outreach coordinator. In addition to leading an event planning team, she will look for opportunities to engage with our neighboring community and liaison with other organizations for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Email Portrait-2.png

Gina Schley

Stewardship Lead 2023

Gina, among the original founders of Rose Roots Garden continues to consult while starting her own flower growing business "She Grows". In addition she Co-Hosted "Urban Conversation", a reality show she and her husband produced to show their family's journey towards sustainable living. Get some gardening tips and watch the fabulous PBS episodes at or check out her garden workshops at She generously continues to offer Rose Roots gardeners helpful gardening workshops. 


Nicole McCrorie

Pollinator Garden Lead 2023

Nicole and Tyler, both Master Gardeners, lead a team of active early risers who maintain the new beautifully flourishing Pollinator garden. They are always happy to share tips with anyone who cares to join in helping to maintain the garden space filled with native species at the entrance to Rose Roots garden. 


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