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Volunteering is what keeps the heart of Rose Roots Community Garden beating. We need you, your skills, your ideas, and a bit of your service time to keep this community project rolling! Registration for a plot requires a commitment of 12 service hours throughout the year, and signing up for a fun service job below is a good way to fulfill them! 

Sign up for Service Jobs

Check out some of the important and fun positions we have available to help Rose Roots leaders keep the garden flourishing! Reserve your job now so you easily have your 12 service hours covered and you get to take ownership of a meaningful contribution you enjoy.

Service Hour Tracking


The Service Hours can be recorded on a notebook in the wine box on the right hand side of the doors to the West barn. Just find your plot number and put your activity and hours next to it. If 12 service hours have not been recorded by the end of the garden season, you will be charged $7/hour. Service hours are one of the most important contributions of our garden community!


Service Hour Donation


If you know a gardener experiencing hardship of any kind and would like to donate service hours, you may log service hour donations in the barn to be donated to those in need, or email Here to donate anonymously to a specific gardener, and the gardener will be notified. 

More Information

Please sign up for a job or two. If you aren't sure about what you would do, a garden leader will be reaching out to you in June. If the job you'd like to do is filled, put your name down as an alternate. Many jobs can be shared! Lighten the load! If you have other ideas please email



"As you get older, you will discover you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others."

--Audrey Hepburn

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