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Vegetable Picking

2024 Service Teams


Service Team sign-up:

Contact us as if you have questions or to sign up for a team! 


Note: Team descriptions below. Training offered for all jobs.

Note: 12 Service Hours are required per garden plot per each season or gardeners may pay $7.00 per hour. 

Service to our Garden Community 

Join one of our Rose Roots Teams!

Volunteer Hours

Volunteer/Service Hours are required for all gardeners leasing a plot. These may be fulfilled by attending monthly meetings and joining one of the teams below, or individually helping maintain community spaces. Gardeners log their own hours on the honors system Here.


  • 12 hours are required per season per 15 ft square plot 

  • 6 hours required per half and raised beds

Service Teams

member may join any service team. Roles may overlap and rely on each other across teams. We encourage all members to join at least one team to get the most out of your Rose Roots Gardening experience! Meet fellow gardeners, get service hours, create life long friendships, learn new skills, build community, give back! No experience necessary. 

To join a team, let us know your interest by emailing us at

Steering Committee (5 elected members, 3 appointed): 

Meets Monthly to plan Rose Roots Course and Vision

President: Laura Bennett

Vice President: Erin Newton

Administrator: Shannon Sawyer

Treasurer: Tom Glum

Membership: Laura Bennett

Operations: Gary Williams, Jim Richards

Special Projects: Patty Sacks

Operations Team: Leads Gary Williams, Jim Richards

This Team keeps Rose Roots infrastructure in working order.


Mow perimeter

Compost Support

Maintain Hoses

Plan work projects to maintain Plot Borders

Plan work projects to maintain common pathways

Maintain signage

Maintain tools and equipment

Stock fuel, purchase supplies, rent equipment

Irrigation City Liaison

Communications Team: Available 

This Team gets the word out and advocates for Rose Roots!


Kiosk: Deb Harris

Website Event Updates: Erin Newton

Evite: available

Social Media: avaialable

Newsletters/Articles/Blog: Erin Newton

RR Education/Event Flyers: Deb Harris

Community Postings: Arvada Press, Next Door, HOA Advert: available

Chalkboard updates at gates: available

Membership Integration Team: Laura Bennett

This Team registers and orients new gardeners


New Member Registration: Laura Bennett

New Member Orientations: Laura Bennett

New Member Mentorship/Integration: Available

Service Hours: Brian Seater

Community Outreach Team: Available 

This Team is a liaison with the community


Community Engagement/Ambassador: available

Grant Writer: available

Fundraising: available

Media: available

Volunteer Coordinator (large groups that come to the garden to volunteer): available

Neighbor Liason (eg. Meiklejohn Elementary): available

Compost Team: Lead Julie Gleason

This Team maintains our compost and trains gardeners


West Compost Bins: Bill Ott and Glen

East Compost Bins: available

Composting Training: Julie Gleason

Event Coordination

This Team organizes events and trainings


Coordinate event calendar: Available

Find/schedule music, educational workshops for events: Available

Support coordination of Opening and Closing workdays and other special events: Available

Rose Roots Youth Team-Lead: Available 

This Team plans activities and events for Young people.


Maintain Children's Garden, sandbox, Rock Adventure Plot

Plan Youth Activities and Events

Youth Lead: Grayson Inman 

Westside Project Team - Patty Sacks

This Team will complete work on the Westside Project and participate in weekly maintenance activities throughout the 2024 season


Maintain newly planted trees, shrubs, plants

Weed and tend the Westside pollinator bed

Weed and maintain graveled areas

Expand and manage the Westside composting bins

Complete 2024 installation of site features (benches, planting troughs, rose arbor)

Plan and implement the first annual “Farm to Table Picnic”

Quadrant Teams 
(see details on Work Crew Page Here)

This Team will help engage members in their Quadrant to foster a team effort in maintenance while earning service hours and supports the community plots


NW Quad: Area Maintenance and Member Integration: Available

NE Quad: Area Maintenance and Member Integration:  Available

SW Quad: Area Maintenance and Member Integration: Dan Graumiller

SE Quad: Area Maintenance and Member Integration: Available

Community Plot Maintenance: Available

Garden Ambassadors: Available

South Pollinator Garden-Katie Meiss and Shannon Sawyer

This Team maintains the South Pollinator Garden and hosts work parties every 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month for all gardeners


Provides regular pollinator garden maintenance. 

Note: The pollinator garden is the circular area outside the garden fence line at the south entrance gates of the garden. 

Service Jobs
Service Hours

Serve your Garden Community

Children in the Garden

What are Service Hours?

Registration for a plot requires a commitment of 12 service hours, or work in community spaces since we are a 100% volunteer organization.

Gardening Tools

How do I track my hours?

Record your Service Hours Here. You may also email us Here. Hours should be fulfilled before the end of the garden season on Oct 31st.


How do I sign up?

Sign up Here to join a team or email us Here if you have questions or have trouble accessing the Google Sign Up Form.

Working in the Garden

Can I donate hours?

If you know of any gardeners experiencing hardship, contact us Here to donate hours, or record them on the outside the West Barn to the right of the doors. 


"As you get older, you will discover you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others."

--Audrey Hepburn

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