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Rose Roots Finances

Rose Roots Community Garden is a member of the 501c3 parent organization Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) who provides insurance, training, mentorship, and management of our finances including member registration, reimbursements, and financial reports each season. Each plot has the opportunity to donate $25 per season to DUG for these services. 


2022 Rose Roots Garden Budget

2022 Budget as of Oct 18, 2022

Below is our 2021 Budget, approved by gardeners on 7/06/2021. Actuals are updated monthly when we receive the DUG Monthly reports and cross reference with reimbursement receipts. ​

2021 Rose Roots Budget Rev 09/13/21

2021 Rose Roots Budget Rev 7/31/21

2021 Rose Roots Budget Revised 7/27/21

2021 Rose Roots Budget

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