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Vegetable Garden
"We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give."
                  --Winston Churchhill
Community Outreach

Rose Roots Gardeners Share their Harvest

Community Engagement Updates:

  • We are proud to partner with the Arvada Veggie Van for the 2024 season. The nonprofit brings high-quality, freshly picked local produce to select areas of the city - mainly, those identified by the City of Arvada and Jefferson County as priority 'food deserts.'

Organic Home Garden

Plant a Row for the Hungry

Many people in our community are currently experiencing hard, even desperate times. Colorado food banks report a record number of families needing emergency assistance, poverty is on the rise and working families are being forced to seek government aid—many for the first time.

Rose Roots Gardeners have donated up to 3,000 lbs to local community members in need annually. 


Tips for Gardeners: Food pantries welcome everything but know that they, too, are inundated with mounds of squash.  Some other veggies to consider:  beans, broccoli, peas, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, melons and herbs.

Contact Us if you're currently in need or need more information about our current donation programs.

Gardening Lesson

Learning and Helping Scholarships

Supporting our community is important to us!  By dedicating 10% of our private garden beds to scholarships for education,  individuals and/or charitable organizations, we hope to provide an equal opportunity for all to grow.  There are two types of scholarships available, Learning and Helping.

Learning Scholarship:  Are you one of those people who like to explore alternative ways of gardening? Maybe you want to try permaculture, a drip system, or bio-dynamic gardening that is outside of Rose Roots guidelines.  We will reserve a few special spots in the garden just for these experiments.  The same fees & service hours apply, but here’s the give back….  you have to be open for questions & giving 1 talk to the gardeners at the end of the summer about your experiment.  Sound fun?

Helping Scholarship:  We all need help at some point in our lives.  If you personally need a little help paying the annual fee or you are a non-profit organization that would like to incorporate gardening into your program, please talk to us so we can explore alternative options. Any scholarship beds not reserved by June 1st will be released to the general garden plot list. Contact Us to inquire.

Community Outreach

Rose Roots Gardeners Share their Harvest

Children in the Garden

Gardener for a Day

School groups finding they'd like to get outside more with their students and understand local agricultural practices visit the garden with a personal guide, a tour of what is in season and question and answer session along with shaded snack time at either of our spacious pavilions. 

Contact us Here if you'd like to have a guided tour of the garden with your group. Our 89 full plots are always offering new surprises! 

We also welcome Volunteer Groups and can always find a way for you to help with seasonal improvements.

Gardening Together

Experienced Gardener Mentorship

Several of our gardeners have years of experience, higher level training, and some have been certified through Master Gardener programs. Rose Roots gardeners are generous with their time, and offer advice on-site as well as formal workshops. Gardeners have learned about:

  • Managing Garden Pests using Organic Methods

  • Composting Processes and timing

  • Cooking with Colorado garden produce

  • Storing extra produce

  • Colorado Planting Seasons

  • Minimizing Colorado weather effects

In addition, our Rose Roots Blog offers our community additional resources.

Attention Gardeners: If you'd like to offer a workshop in an area of expertise, please contact us Here to get on the calendar.

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