Rose RootZone Iss. 2, Oct 2021: Reminders

Harvest season is on!

Rose Roots Gardeners,

As we wrap up our beautiful productive 2021 gardening season, below are a few gardener reminders. You can find Minutes from our recent Oct 5 monthly meeting Here.

Upcoming Events

  • Oct 14, 9 am: We will spray garden with organic beneficial nematodes to combat pests this Fall and next Spring.

Note: The application of nematodes will be more effective if there is less vegetation in your plot, so we recommend removing the larger vegetation before this application if you are able. If you are able to water your garden on the afternoon of Oct 14 after they have been applied, that would be super helpful!

  • Oct 15: City will turn water off at garden

  • Oct 23, 2-4 pm: RSVP HERE by Oct 20 for our annual Harvest Potluck. It is shaping up to be a well attended event with the city party trailer, a possible llama visit, good food, socializing and fun youth activities. Don't miss our last gathering this season!

Note: in the Evite details there is a picnic basket icon where you can sign up to bring a main, side dish or dessert. Plates, cups, utensils and drinks will be provided.

  • Oct 30, 9-11 am: Tentative final season work party.

Note: we will be having additional work days for those interested in supporting the development of the Westside landscaping neighborhood improvement project. Contact us Here to get on our team updates mailing list or check calendar if interested in participating.

  • Oct 31: Final day to have your plot cleared out and record service hours.

Note: Twelve service hours are required per season per plot and can be logged Here. If you know you won't have time to complete your hours by Oct 31 and would like to send your financial contribution of $7 per hour, feel free to leave a check in the white mailbox inside the barn on the right side of the entrance or send a check made out to "Rose Roots Garden" to:

Rose Roots Treasurer John Malito

8439 Devinney Court

Arvada, CO 80005.

The total current outstanding hours as of Oct 6 to be completed per plot are tallied in the attachment below:

RR Outstanding Service Hours Oct 2021
Download PDF • 433KB

We will send out invoices for final outstanding balances in November 2021. We thank you for either your service hours or monetary contributions to support operations and maintenance of this fabulous community amenity.

  • Nov 9, 5:30-7 pm: Tentative next meeting at Standley lake library. Check calendar for updates.

  • Nov 9, 5-7 pm: DUG Harvest Happy Hour, at Posner Center, Denver

  • Nov 13, 9-1 pm: Tentative Work day for 3rd annual week of action, volunteers coordinated through DUG