Rose RootZone Oct Iss. 1: Celebrating Harvest Season

Laurie Dameron plays at sunset

Rose Roots Gardeners,

It has been a highly productive gardening season, thanks to some very dedicated individuals, our garden leaders, and garden service teams as well as support from the City of Arvada Parks Department and Denver Urban Gardens. As the Harvest season wraps up and we begin to clear out our plots by Oct 31, we see the plants around us lose their leaves and turn within to conserve energy throughout the winter months. As the daylight hours get shorter, we gardeners also look within for rest and renewal and look forward to planning our next season of life.

Returning next season? Please let us know Here by the end of Feb 2022 if you plan to return next season or if you will be moving on to other things.

Water to be Turned Off: The water will be turned off at the garden by the City on Oct 15 in anticipation of the first freeze, so plan accordingly.

By the Numbers

We are working on an end of season summary, but preliminary numbers are below.

  • -Gardeners have donated over 1,000 service hours.

  • -We have hosted over 30 community events including orientations, live music performances, work parties, Youth activities, garden trainings, and socials.

  • We earned $3,000 from a neighborhood improvement grant and supplies have been delivered.

  • We have had ten active Service Teams maintaining the garden and making improvements to surrounding open spaces.

  • We have ten community spaces maintained beautifully by Rose Roots Gardeners including a pollinator garden, herb garden, three food bank plots, several native species plots with educational signage on medicinal plants, a cooks companion plot, two food forest plots and a Children’s garden plot.

  • We have one beloved Little Library

  • We had 95 plots full this season and actively gardened

  • We donated over 15,000 lbs of produce to the Community Table Food Bank and Veggie Van among other community organizations over the last 9 years.

  • We have purchased 50 million beneficial nematodes for organic pest control

  • We have one new refrigerator and two new fans to cool the barn

  • Next season will be our Ten Year Anniversary as gardeners growing community.

  • One Evergreen tree has been donated for our Westside Landscaping Neighborhood Improvement Project. You can learn more about tree donations and becoming a Friend of Rose Roots Here. Please share with friends, family and businesses who would like to donate trees or become sponsors.

Work Party for Westside Landscaping Project
Beneficial nematodes will soon be applied to the garden

Upcoming Events

1. Sat Oct 2, 9-2 pm: Open Air European Market

Grow Girl Organics at 12229 W. 80th Ave, Arvada will be hosting an open air European Market with local artisans. They will be partnering with Sugar Tramp to put on a local artist and artisans market. They will also have a farm stand open. Shop both markets on Saturday, October 2nd 9am-2pm at our farm in Arvada. Children welcome! Please spread the word! Shop local, support your local businesses.