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Welcome to our 2022 Gardening season! Our plots are full we have have many exciting events to celebrate our Ten Year Anniversary this season. The garden was founded in 2012, and since then we've donated over 15,000 lbs of produce to local organizations in need. 


To celebrate gardeners growing community for ten years, this season we are offering workshops, music performances, a Ten Year Anniversary Celebration and garden work parties. We invite all gardeners and community to check our Calendar and join us!


We look forward to seeing you out at the garden!

Rose Roots Garden Leaders

Community News

We Love our Arvada Community!

The Garden Plot Registration for 2022 has Begun!

It looks like we will have another sold out season this year as nearly all of our plots have been assigned. Our membership coordinators are currently contacting returning members and those on the waitlist. We look forward to seeing you all in May at the start of the season!

Grant Awarded!

Rose Roots garden was awarded a Neighborhood Improvement Grant of $3,000 to landscape and improve the vacant field to the West of the garden with matching funds from Rose Roots. Project expenses will be submitted by Dec 10, 2021, so keep an eye out for work in progress!


Stay Informed

Keep up with Rose Roots activities, tips and exciting new developments by subscribing to our Newsletter and checking our CalendarSee our Meeting Agendas and Minutes Here to get the latest updates.

Member News

Gardening is the New Getting Out!

Produce Donation Goals Met!
In 9 years of donating produce to local organizations in need, Rose Roots gardeners surpassed our goal of donating 15,000 pounds total in August, 2021, just before our ten year anniversary season next year! Thank you to Theresa McKinney and John Malito for leading the Produce Donation Team!

Monthly All Gardener Meetings

Repeat every month on the First Tuesday at 6 pm In Person at the garden to offer ideas and input. Check the Calendar for weather changes (meetings changed to online due to weather will be held on Google Meet. you can call in Here.) Meeting Agendas and Minutes can be found Here

Produce Donations

Our Produce Donation page is Here with links to sign up for pick up and delivery Here and you can log your donated pounds of produce Here.

Latest Blog Posts

Basket of Organic Vegetables
About Us

Rose Roots Community Garden is a local Community Garden that brings together community in North West Arvada, Colorado. We’ve been working with the City of Arvada and Denver Urban Gardens since 2012 to grow local and healthy produce in an open space that enables residents to be involved in planting, growing, and maintaining a garden.


Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a Green hand, we encourage you to join us and contribute towards making a difference. Meet our Community.

Note: We offer Learning and Helping Scholarships Here. In doing so, we pledge that any community member experiencing financial hardship or other extenuating circumstances is always welcome to join our community by emailing us Here to get a plot (subject to availability).

How Rose Roots Gives Back to Community

Arvada Press article "Community Garden has Room to Grow", march 2020
Arvada Press article "Community Garden has Room to Grow", march 2020

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Snooze Community Garden Pancake Fundraiser
Snooze Community Garden Pancake Fundraiser

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Denver Urban Gardens Rose Roots Feature
Denver Urban Gardens Rose Roots Feature

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Arvada Press article "Community Garden has Room to Grow", march 2020
Arvada Press article "Community Garden has Room to Grow", march 2020

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Rose Roots Garden gives back to community through neighborhood improvement projects, food donations and offering community resources like workshops and community events. Here are some special community moments.


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Rose Roots Garden partners with the City of Arvada and Denver Urban Gardens. The initial garden development was funded through a Jeffco Open Space grant and the City continues to support the garden with Neighborhood Improvement grants.

Gardener Moments

RR Westside Landscaping Project

Patty Sacks, RR Vice President, and the Westside Landscaping team working on implementing the Westside Landscaping Project, a neighborhood Improvement partnership with the City of Arvada.

Did You Know?

Rose Roots Community Garden, Part of Arvada's Public City Parks, is an organic garden run entirely by volunteers. We have 10 Service Teams you can learn more about Here.

Rose Roots Garden was founded in 2012 by local community members who advocated to develop a park, CSA and community garden in the 15 acre space called the Hills at Standley Lake Park. With a $90,000 Jeffco grant, the city and local community organizers built the initial garden infrastructure together.

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Did You Know?

Rose Roots has 89 15'x15' plots and 10 ADA accessible raised beds. Water, tools, fertilizer and compost are provided with plot fees. Some plots are split so more gardeners can participate so we have 95 total areas available.

Rose Roots has 10 Community Plot and Areas for all to share and learn from each other. Read about them Here.

Rose Roots offers scholarships for plot fees to families in need and for student service projects here.

This is Rose Roots
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"What happens in this garden lets you know that you have a choice. You can change. It lets you know that everything starts from a seed. You can have a rebirth. Every day is another shot."

Urban Gardening Documentary "Can You Dig This"


An Inclusive Community

We welcome all races, ages, religions, countries of origin, sexual orientations, genders and abilities. ​We garden together, learn from, and honor each other's journeys. 


Gary Williams, Gardener

What is cool about gardening with three generations in our family is getting to spend relaxed time outdoors with my family. It is so gratifying to see something flourish when you contribute.


Gina Schley, Founder

The process of helping develop this garden with our community has been life changing for our family. My children are growing up with their hands in the dirt and their community around them.


Laura Bennett, Gardener

I love growing my own organic food, sharing it with friends and family, and being part of a group that helps grow community.