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Rose RootZone Newsletter April 2023 Iss. 1

Rose Roots Gardeners and Friends,

This is getting exciting! Underneath a few last snow flurries, crocuses and daffodils are popping up and soon the seeds we are planting will be growing new life!

We have a full garden with a waiting list and are excited to meet and visit with new and returning gardeners at our Garden Kick Off Party on April 29 from 9-12 pm. Find more information about the event on our Calendar Here. Come when you can, leave when you must. We will get the hoses out, clear out the barn, and start getting seeds in together. A light brunch will be provided.

Note: You may start gardening your plot as soon as you've paid your plot fees and signed your DUG waivers. Please email with questions. Water will be turned on by the City after the last anticipated frost in late April/Early May.

Upcoming Events

Sat April 22, 4 pm: Earth Day Celebration

Rose Roots is partnering with Luki Brewery for an Earth Day Celebration. Come down for live music sets with People In Between at 3 and 5 pm. We will be there from 4-6:30 pm sharing the joys of community gardening and representing Arvada's largest community organic garden along with other Earth friendly local organizations. We look forward to supporting this locally owned business run by our neighbors!

Sat April 29, 9-12 pm: Garden Kick Off Party

Bring gloves, sun hats, seeds, your favorite gardening shovel, and your best garden smiles for your garden neighbors. A light brunch will be provided. Invite friends and family out to help get your garden plot set up! RSVP HERE

May 6, 9-2 pm: Westside Tree Planting

This is the day we've all been waiting for! The trees have been ordered, and we anticipate having a full community planting event (if the trees arrive on time...we'll keep you posted). The Westside Landscaping Project is a partnership with the City of Arvada funded by Rose Roots Gardeners and a City Neighborhood Improvement Grant.

Calling all Crafty and Skilled Gardeners

Do you have a secret talent? Some knowledge a new or returning gardener might benefit from? Do you know how to grow very healthy tomatoes, have tips and tricks for Colorado's specific climate challenges when it comes to gardening, do you like to cook and share recipes, paint flowers or make bird houses, do you have tried and true techniques for organic pest management, or do you play an instrument you'd like to share at one of our potlucks? We are finalizing our season calendar so let us know what you'd like to share. Email us at and we will get you on the calendar!

Voices of our Gardeners

Sharing Your Hopes and Dreams

  • I'm thankful for a spot to garden in honor of my mom and to meet other people in my community.

  • I look forward to being a part of a new community and getting to know new people. I decided to grow fruits and vegetables because I have always had a passion for being in the garden. I hope to gain more knowledge of gardening being that I am still new to it

  • To produce organic produce for my household and to sustain the gifts that this Earth so generously provides for us all.

  • The garden is such a great place to be a part of. Friendly people, I enjoy wandering around and looking at the gardens, and it gives me an opportunity to grow vegetables that I normally wouldn't be able to do.

  • Gardening has been part of my life since childhood and I now have the time and appreciation to give it more attention. I am looking forward to being part of a gardening community and volunteering, meeting fellow gardeners, learning, and sharing food

  • I have been gardening at my home for 15 years now. It started as a hobby and became a healthy way to feed my family and friends. I have just moved to this area and wanted to meet fellow gardeners, share and learn as well as contributing to the community.

  • For the last few years I have not had a space for a garden so am very much looking forward to working in my garden and participating in this garden community. By the way, I have biked by Rose Roots many times this year and always enjoy it's beauty

  • I am looking forward to gardening again for the first time in many years. I have young grandchildren now and hope to have them visit me at the garden. I plan to share produce and flowers with others.

  • This will be the third year my mom and I have shared a plot. it's been so fun to get to hang out with my mom more and garden. My mom likes to hide little plastic bugs and creatures in our garden to surprise me, it always cracks me up. My son was born last year and I'm looking forward to sharing this place with him.

  • I’m looking forward to growing food that we can eat, and being part of a community!

  • We have been at Rose Roots garden from its inception and enjoy being involved from the start. Helping new gardeners with 50+ years of gardening experiences is exciting. The fresh produce and flowers grown annually is what brings us back.

  • I enjoy walking to the Garden and interacting with fellow gardeners. Working in the garden is enjoyable and peaceful. Thank you!!

  • Shared a plot with my neighbor last year, and enjoyed the experience so much, I'm at it again this year, and looking forward to growin new and exciting things.

  • I have gardened most of my life. I moved into a house with a small yard and little sun. The Rose Roots Community garden is within walking/biking distance. Gardens help nature, biodiversity and teach people where good food comes from.

  • Cannot wait to get back out to my garden and garden buddies. Love Rose Roots garden! Has been a mental lifesaver:)

  • My family moved here a year ago from my husband's job as a professor. One of the things I miss most is being involved in the Ann Arbor local food community and CSA's and helping out at local farms. It is what makes me feel connected to others

  • Been a member for several years. Recovering from 5th back surgery. Looking forward to another year.

  • Our individuals are part of DDRC Walters adult vocational services. Every day they team up with our staff and enjoy learning and doing things in the community. Every summer they look forward to gardening. We are happy to be a part of a new community.

  • Our family loves taking walks up to the garden and this year we plan to bring our daughter and share our love of gardening. It is such a privilege to have a safe space to grow healthy food to add to our meals and the community we’ve found at the garden.

  • I love to garden, dig in the dirt, nurture & see the fruits of my labor. I expect to have comraderie with my fellow gardeners. Hope to teach my grandchildren to live fully and care for our earth.

  • Just beginning the garden adventure, just moved to Colorado and think it will be fun to have a shared experience with people who like to garden.

  • Looking forward to growing my own healthy food

  • Looking forward to growing flowers

  • What a wonderful bunch of people I have met in my two years at Rose Roots. And, so many mentor gardeners who are more than willing to share their knowledge and gardening know-how. I can't wait for another fun and fruitful season!

  • Returning gardener, enjoy creating and tending a garden and harvesting flowers and food, plus enjoy the community aspects and gardening with friends.

  • I'm a new Colorado resident and my daughter who lives nearby suggested a community garden because I don't have a yard big enough to grow anything. I'm new to vegetable gardening, though! I think she has more confidence in me than I do :)

  • I usually do container gardening. But thought oh why not check into a community garden. Long time ago when I had a house I had good sized veggie beds. Kids always liked it too. It’s fun.

  • Looking forward to gardening with my parents and sharing a plot together

  • Great source for sustainable growth!

  • My family and I are very excited to be able to walk to the garden and interact and learn from fellow gardeners while growing food that we love.

  • This will be our second year participating in the community garden and we are looking forward to continued learning and experience for our entire family, including our two young sons.

  • I have never had a garden of my own, so I have much to learn, but I have always dreamed of gardening and showing my children that food comes from the earth. I’m excited to learn, help out the community and meet new people. I am especially excited to eat fresh vegetables I grow myself!

  • I enjoy gardening, but do not have a suitable yard at my current home. My daughter let me know about Rose Roots, and we enjoyed our first year last season so we are back!

  • It’s a wonderful way to learn about garden to table. The whole community benefits from it.

  • I am so looking forward to being part of the community garden to increase my gardening skills and interact with people who may share similar goals and interests when it comes to living a more holistic life.

  • I am looking forward to caring for the community and food bank donation plots and enjoying peaceful time with my neighbors.

We are looking forward to gardening with you too!

Enjoy seeing everything come back to life,

Rose Roots Garden Leaders

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