Rose RootZone May Iss. 1: It's Planting Thyme!

Updated: May 14

From the hot conditions and limited rain already, we can tell this is going to be the Year of the Mulch, which helps to save water and keep your babies hydrated as you start planting.

All about Mulch

  • Using bark in vegetable gardens is problematic because it can leach your soil of nutrients by tying up nitrogen as it breaks down, which takes longer than other mulches, leaving less nitrogen for your veggies.

  • Using hay, leaves and grass cuttings, along with the compost in our compost bins is preferrable to keep water in and enrich your soil as it breaks down.

  • Here are some interesting tips on using Live Mulch and cover crops.

  • DUG's Gardening Resources offer some great information on composting and permaculture.


Gardener Updates

  • The grill is set up with gas. Please remember to turn gas off and clean the grille with the provided brush for the next user. It will be out and available for gardener use all season. Think community socials, family celebrations, gardener gatherings!

  • The Blue Dumpster is for Gardener use. It will be picked up twice monthly. We encourage that all organic refuse still go in the compost piles.

  • We now have trash and recycling cans for events, and whenever you see them full, feel free to dump contents of trash bin in the dumpster and take the recycling home if you have space and bring the recycling bin back.

  • Mark your calendars: Sunday July 10 at 4 pm we will have live music and a potluck bbq for our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration.

Gardener and Community Amenities

Brett, with DUG, offering seedlings for Rose Roots gardeners

Provided by DUG, we have seedlings available for gardeners. They will be given out at this weekend's May 14 Great Day of Gardening Event.

Upcoming Events:

  • May 14: 9-12 pm at the garden: DUG and Rose Roots pair up to offer workshops taught by Master Gardeners along with a work party, snacks and refreshments. A community volunteer group from the LDS church led by neighbor Liz and former gardener Jason, will be helping with work projects. All are welcome to join!


9:00: Work party projects start

9:15: Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) and Rose Roots Welcome and Introductions

9:30: Workshop 1: 5 Key Tips for Gardening Success

11:00: Workshop 2: Simple Secrets for Gardening Success

11:45: Lunch provided

Things to bring:

  • Sun hat and su