Rose RootZone: Aug Iss.1 2021 Newsletter

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

July was a very busy month for Rose Roots gardeners. Below is a recap of all the wonderful ways gardeners are growing community and supporting our thriving garden.

Garden Community

Nicole McCrorie, Pollinator Garden Lead

Buzz about Bees Pollinator Workshop

Many thanks to Nicole and Tyler for providing a helpful breakdown of the Pollinator Garden's various species they’ve planted and maintained with the help of many gardeners over the years. The Pollinator garden is located at Rose Root's entrance and with such a banner year, we've seen many community members perusing the species and learning about native drought resistant species from the genus and species labels. Check out Nicole's wonderful tour of the pollinator garden Here.

Gardener Outreach

Patty has been talking with gardeners on Thursdays and weekends about what their gardening information needs are and also have collected some ideas as to how to help new gardeners get their plot in the ground. Gardeners have been most interested in learning what to plant, when to plant, when to harvest, succession planting, how to recognize pests and what to do about them. We will continue to offer mentorship and workshops to focus on these areas.

Music in the Garden Night: Kelan Spinden

Many thanks to Kelan Spinden for a lovely evening of song at Rose Roots Garden on July 19. We enjoyed his original scores and cover music whilst the youth scavengers were sleuthing around the garden.

Movie In the Garden Night: "Kiss the Ground"

John Malito, our Rose Roots Treasurer, volunteered to pick up the blow up Video screen provided by the City for our first ever movie night!

John, Patty, and Margaret prevailed with the convoluted movie equipment setup and though it was a small group, those who caught this award winning uplifting documentary about regenerative farming and nurturing soil to improve our environment highly recommended it.

Service Hours

Over 700 service hours have been logged using our online logging form Here and in the barn log book. Well done you busy bees! If you'd like to check to see how many hours you've logged, see our combined totals from the online and barn logging in the third tab Here. If you're looking for ways to fulfill your 12 required service hours per plot per season, check our calendar Here for upcoming Thursday and Saturday work days. Ten gardeners came out for our most recent work night and enjoyed community time together. Come join the fun!


Our garden is doing well with our small budget and strategic purchases this season. We've replaced all hose hangers, improved plot borders, maintained weed cloth and edging in community spaces, and replaced our refrigerator which died. See our financial Budgeted and Actuals to date Here.

Gardener Feedback

-In our gardener feedback form Here on our website, we received a suggestion to designate one of our parking spaces for ADA access