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Westside Work Party

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

News Flash! We are having a Pop up work party this morning on the Westside where we’ve made a fabulous break through on grading. Come on out and stay while you can until 12 pm to help us make more progress!


After a successful day at the garden working with one of our gardeners, Daniel Yanez, who operated the skid steer, we finally completed the grading. Now we need to place edging, rake the beds and planting areas to a finished grade, place weed barrier fabric at the picnic area and paths and then place gravel. 

We will be holding numerous volunteer mornings during August to complete the fine grading and graveling for the West Side Project, and to prepare the beds for fall planting. Please contact me and let me know if you can attend. Hours will be tracked as donations in kind, by John Malito, and you can also upload your time on the Rose Roots website, as it will count toward the 12 hour requirement for Rose Roots Community Garden members.

See the upcoming dates below and come get a few services hours in:

Saturday, August 13 8-noon

Sunday, August 14 8-noon

Thursday,  August 18, 8-noon

Saturday, August 20, 8-noon

Sunday, August 21, 8-noon

Thursday August 25, 8-noon

Saturday, August 27, 8-noon

Sunday, August 28, 8-noon

Also DUG is having a fall plant sale on August 20, 10-2. Here's a link to the event.

Finally, has anyone seen our blue key for the south, west and east side of the barn? It seems to have gone on walkabout! Check your pockets to see if it accidentally went for a ride!

See you out at the garden,

Rose Roots Leadership

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1 Comment

It’s taking shape and looking fantastic! I can’t wait to see how this all forms by September! Great place to end our 10th season!

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