Rose RootZone November 2022 Iss. 1

What a great Harvest Season Celebration with a final work party, a brunch potluck with music, and a surprise visit from the ever popular Zander Farms llamas. Thank you to Cami and Mike for the fabulous entertainment and Sonja and Chris for educating our crew on your adorable llama mommas! Now it's time to VOTE below for your 2023 Leadership Team! Voting period is Nov 5-12. The 2023 Leadership Team will be announced Nov 13.

Season Wrap Up

Thank you all for joining this season en force for the Westside Work parties, Workshops on growing Dahlias (Gina), Warm weather crops (Jim), and Cooking with Garden Veggies (Laura). We had great turnouts for our Music in the Garden evenings with Laurie Dameron, Tim Merkel, Brandywine and the Mighty Fines, and The Humminbirds. We enjoyed potlucks together throughout the season to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary as an organic community garden founded in 2012 by local community members. We'd like to thank Gina Schley and John Chisum for advocating for this space and making it happen along with so many gardeners and so much community support! Many of our gardeners helped build the original plot borders and continue to maintain the community spaces. We thank the City of Arvada and Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) for continuing to support our efforts to bring community together through organic gardening. We hope Rose Roots will continue to thrive, educate, and grow community for many decades to come!

Final season updates:

  • Let us know if you are (or are not) coming back on our Pre-Registration 2023 Form HERE. We hope to see you all again, and wish you happy trails if you will be moving on to other adventures.

  • We have tallied the Service Hours donated by our gardeners, which came to over 1,600 hours! What a great contribution to your community! As 12 hours are required per 15'x15' plot and 6 hours are required per 15'x7' plot or raised plot, we have tallied the hours completed per plot in the attachment below:

2022 RR Service Hours
Download PDF • 28KB

. Please let us know if we've made any mistakes in the tally, which we summed from your online entries. We know times get busy, and some of you prefer to donate $7/per hour as your contribution to the community, so we will get invoices out for those hours. The funds are used to continue to maintain this very special place for all of us and we thank you for all of your contributions.

  • HERE is an album of 2022 Season Highlights, and there were many!

  • It's time to VOTE for your 2023 Rose Roots Leadership Team! Our Steering Committee is made up of 1) 5 elected members and several 2) Appointed Members-At-Large per our Rose Roots Bylaws. Additionally we have dedicated Leads for specific areas, such as Food Bank Plot Lead, Produce Donation Lead and Kiosk Lead. We have more positions available for next season, such as Event Coordinator which could be shared by several people, so please let us know if you'd like to get more integrated in this wonderful community!

  • Find the Ballot HERE. Please vote by Nov 12, 2022. We thank all of our leaders past and present for making this entirely volunteer community garden a success!

  • HERE is an opportunity to provide feedback on how your season went, ideas for improvements, and suggestions for next year's leadership team. We value your feedback.

Here is information on our Candidates:

President: Laura Bennett

Laura Bennett

I started gardening 10 years ago on a "whim" at Rose Roots. I was fortunate enough to get a garden in the first year that Rose Roots became a garden and had no idea what I was doing. For me, the garden became a place to learn more about growing organic produce which is synonymous with my belief that eating organic is a healthier choice for both your body and environment. My first few years at the garden were spent learning about gardening, how to tend to the soil, what grows well in our climate and healing my body due to an autoimmune deficiency. I became interested in welcoming new gardeners with an orientation-as the energy from new gardeners is so "excitingly contagious". I have been fortunate to be part of the steering committee as Secretary, and would like to continue to be a part of the team. I am running for President as I believe that I can continue to bring value to the garden by effectively communicating both internally to gardeners and externally to our partners such as the City of Arvada and DUG. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to make Rose Roots Garden a beautiful space and community and I look forward to growing in 2023.

Vice President: Erin Newton

Erin Newton

As a Rose Roots Gardener since we moved to Five Parks in 2013, I have worn many hats. I have developed our website, written our newsletters, performed on harp in the garden, taken minutes in monthly meetings, developed online collaboration functionality, worked as an event coordinator for our garden, and served as garden President. I have found this community to be supportive, inclusive, and a wonderful place to raise our two boys and spend time with my parents, who also garden here, and make very special friends. I love the garden mission which is to grow community through supporting sustainable local organic agriculture. I especially love how community gardening teaches resilience, humility, and offers the opportunity to connect with all ages and backgrounds. As a former geologist, I currently teach harp lessons, perform as as freelance harpist, and am currently re-training in the medical field. I look forward to continuing to serve our community with the time I can find, and am excited to work with our 2023 Leadership Team.

Administrator/Secretary: Shannon Sawyer

Shannon Sawyer

Hello! I’m Shannon Sawyer, interested in serving as your Administrator/Secretary. I’ve gardened in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest, so when we moved to CO, we filled our deck with a vegetable container garden while we watched the sun/shade pattern of our new yard for our future gardens—but we did not get a single harvest! Fast forward a year and Rose Roots came to the rescue! With the community at Rose Roots to learn from, we had a successful CO harvest this summer. Community gardening has been a great way to learn the ins and outs of gardening in a new climate while also making co