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Rose RootZone May Iss. 2: Spring Weather Builds Character

As we mourn the loss of yet more Littles and teachers massacred in Texas due to gun violence totaling 27 school shootings this year, and 118 since 2018, our children continue to the next grade or graduate today. We look for ways to cope with the loss through action, and recognize that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from some type of mental illness. In a recent national survey, over 36% of American adults reported feeling serious loneliness. Isolation has only increased throughout the pandemic, radicalizing many.

As community gardeners, we come together and strive to restore bonds between people, food and nature. We are all connected, and by working together to create a better local food system for future generations, we also work to strengthen community connections, thereby supporting neighbors and our community at large through hard times. While many of us feel powerless in the face of impervious evil in the world, we can can not forget the Butterfly Effect, or the tendency of a complex system to be sensitive to initial conditions, so that over time a small change may have large effects. In other words, small things matter, like a kind word in the garden, since we are all connected through a bigger system. Start each day with a grateful heart and be the light. Be part of the solution.


The water was turned off temporarily by the City due to the freezing temperatures. Never fear, It should be back on soon, and in the meantime, the rain is greening everything up.

Spring Weather

Rose Roots Gardener Geremi Bloom was featured in a recent visit by CPR reporters who were monitoring how we are faring with these wild May weather swings! Remember: Even if your seedlings got a bit frozen, or broken by the weight of the heavy snow and/or shelters you created for them in anticipation of the storm, nature is resilient, and so are we! Gardening always teaches us to appreciate new beginnings. Check out the Article Here.

Planting Date extended

June 1 is the final required planting date. Due to the snow we’ve extended the final planting date to June 10. If you have plans to be out of town and are planting after you get back, let us know. Also please let us know if life got busy and you won’t be able to plant your plot this season so we can reassign the plot to an eager gardener on our waiting list. Email us Here if you have updates on your garden plot progress.

Community Gardens Helping Address Food Insecurity

Rose Roots Gardener Sue Norman shared this special 9 News Feature on how community gardens led by organizations like Denver Urban Gardens are helping address food insecurity.

It’s a happy, feel good, not to miss quick hit. Check out the Video Here.


We know composting is new for many, and encourage all gardeners to help mow, put the compost in the bins, and water them so we can turn our organic materials into Black Gold in just a few weeks!

Just a reminder, only items you could mow with a lawnmower (6 inches or less) can go in the pile). Note: the items in wheelbarrow can not go in the compost pile as they will take too long to break down and we don't want to break our mower. Plastic, metal, and large stalks and root balls can go in the blue dumpster on the west side.

Great Day of Gardening May 14: A Grand Success!

Thank you to Denver Urban Gardens and Jeffco Master Gardeners as well as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints volunteers and Rose Roots gardeners who came out en force to do a TON of work at the garden. Here are some of the activities accomplished:

  • participation in workshops with Jeffco Master Gardeners

  • made progress on the Westside Landscaping project, grading and putting in garden beds

  • weeded community spaces together including the pollinator garden

  • mulched the community plots

  • re-stained the south Pavillion table

  • Kiosk was stained and updated

  • Barn has been cleaned and reorganized for food donation season

  • A BBQ was enjoyed by all

Check out a recap below:

And more Heartwarming Moments as a garden community working together

School Visit

Meiklejohn Elementary brought over the entire Third Grade for a scavenger hunt and education about growing vegetables, and to understand how flora and fauna work together in our healthy community garden. Students were introduced to our resident barn swallow family who eat some of our pests, they learned to identify different types of herbs popping up, they searched for insects, and students and teachers alike enjoyed developing some Vitamin D in the garden. We hope all the grades will come back next season!

Gardener Gratitude

  • Thank you to Jim Richards for the well attended Garden workshop on Growing Warm Weather Crops

  • Thank you to Shelby of DUG and Jeffco Master Gardeners Dianne, Patty and EJ for joining us on the Great Day of Gardening

  • Thank you to Liz and Jason Andersen who led the awesome Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints volunteer group.

  • Thank you to Rose Roots Garden VP Patty Sacks for coordinating our Westside project work and volunteer groups.

  • Thank you to Erin Newton and Danny Inman for purchasing the BBQ supplies and grilling up quite a spread.

  • Thank you to Amy Ahrent for keeping up our Social Media Updates

  • Thank you to all the gardeners who joined Third Thursday

  • Thank you to Jeff Page for grilling up a delicious Third Thursday garden BBQ

  • Thank you to Steve Wheeler for the Third Thursday ukulele serenade

  • Thank you to Laura Bennett for hosting a relocated monthly garden meeting due to weather.

  • Thank you to Gardener and Produce Donation Lead Cindee Malito for interviewing our food donation recipient organizations. Check out the article Here.

Jim Richards offers Tips and Tricks on Planting Warm Weather Veggies

Mark Your Calendars!

June 18: City of Arvada Pollinator Garden Tour

June 21: 6:30 pm Rose Roots Steering Committee Meeting. All gardeners welcome.

June 23: (Fourth) Thursday Music in the Garden with Laurie Dameron, Work Party and Potluck. Note: The third Thursday garden workshop is moved to the fourth Thursday to coordinate with Laurie's performance. 6:30 pm social. Music at 7 pm.

July 10: 5 pm Rose Roots Ten Year Anniversary Celebration with Potluck/BBQ and Live Music!

May the Garden Fairies be with you,

Rose Roots Leadership Team

We welcome feedback Here.

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