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Rose RootZone July 2022 Iss. 2

Greetings Gardeners,

It was such a pleasure to be together in our beautiful, lush community garden space for our Ten Year Anniversary Celebration serenaded by the fabulous Brandywine and the Mighty Fines Bluegrass band. We had a great turnout, after a few raindrops the weather stabilized, and we enjoyed a delicious potluck bbq.

We missed those who couldn't be there, many of whom have contributed so much over the years, evidenced by the immaculately designed and maintained space, the color, the infrastructure, the well maintained plot borders and pathways, the pollinator garden in full bloom, the well maintained community plots, and the lush garden plots full of veggies and flowers. Thank you to all those who have made this place a peaceful rejuvinating gathering place for community and a place where we can practice sustainable local organic agriculture and teach future generations how to nurture the land.

Rose Roots History

  • Check out an interview with several of our garden founders Here to learn more about our favorite place!

  • Don't miss this video "My Own Two Hands" of how the garden was built.

Ten Year Anniversary Celebration Moments

Gardener Gratitude

Kathy Kelly and Donna Neill working on compost!

Heartfelt appreciation goes out to the 11 gardeners* who showed up to work away in the sweltering heat on July 9 from 8:30 to 11 am. We were able to make some progress on our West Side Projects. We layered green and brown material to improve our compost pile, weeded along the west fence pollinator bed, and moved dirt from the proposed picnic area to the soil piles to be used during future tree planting.

Volunteers included Maggie Alcorn, Kathy Kelly, Donna Neill, Margaret Jacot, Brian and Judy Newton, Julian and Grayson Inman, J. Wheeler, Temple Smith and Meredith Lopez (need first names for the last 3...)

Thanks also go out to Laura Bennett for shopping for our Ten Year Anniversary bbq and to Danny Inman for grilling. Thanks to all involved in set up and clean up!

Volunteer Opportunities

What: Westside Work Party. RSVP Here

When: This Saturday July 16, 8:30-12:30 pm

Where: Rose Roots Garden

Tasks include:

  1. Fix the area at the tree near the port a potty where the truck tires sunk in.

  2. Continue to work on leveling the picnic area

  3. Please bring over organic (not sprayed with insecticides) green plant matter for our west side compost pile, 4. Start work on planting a few plants in the west side pollinator bed.

What: Denver Urban Gardens is working with several gardens this weekend, including our sister garden Beeler Garden to improve infrastructure. Learn more about these volunteer opportunities Here.

Upcoming Events

What: Garden Cooking with Laura


When: Thursday July 28th, 6:30-7:30pm

Rose Roots gardener Laura Bennett will be hosting a cooking demonstration at the garden and will show you how to add more veggies into your daily meals! Please come enjoy an hour of fun as she talks about and prepares fun dishes bursting with flavor from ingredients you are proably growing at your garden. Sample menu includes:

  • Four to Five ingredient- 15 minute soups

  • Weeknight side dish that turns into a sautee for breakfast with sunny side up eggs

  • How to use more herbs in your cooking

  • Eating the weeds in our garden (yes, we can eat some of the weeds!)

What to bring: (we will not provide single use dishes or silverware to cut down on waste)

  • Cup for soup "sampling" or a bowl

  • Silverware and Napkin

  • A water bottle (cucumber water will be served)

  • Small plate for samples

  • Chair

Let's have some fun and learn how to nourish our bodies!!!

Community Events

Sun Aug 14, 10:30 am: Arvada Farmers Market: Info Here. Stop by and visit our garden neighbors Arvada Gardener's booth "Naturally Arvada" next to the Arvada library.

Mon Aug 15, 6:30 pm: Rose Roots Steering Committee meeting. All gardeners welcome. Bring a side and we will BBQ and talk about plans for the future!

Gardening Tips

  • With the Hot Hot Hot season upon us, aim to water in the mornings and evenings every day to help your plot thrive.

  • Remember to cut back sunflowers and corn if they are shading your neighbors plot.

  • Don't forget to log your Service Hours Here. Learn more about Service hours and Service Teams Here.

Interested in getting more involved?

At the end of this season we will hold an online election to fill the five Leadership Team positions for next season which include:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Treasurer

  • Administrator

  • Membership

Learn more about these position responsibilities Here. We are currently accepting nominations Here and anyone may self nominate. Below is more info:

  • Those who accept nominations will need to provide a short paragraph about their background and interest in leadership.

  • Each position is a two-year term. No experience is needed, just some passion and dedication to growing Rose Roots community!

  • Attending a 2 hour meeting monthly during gardening season is required.

  • Mentorship and support will be provided by leaders who have served in these roles. We welcome all gardeners new to leadership. This is an inclusive, supportive and fun community!

We look forward to seeing you out at the garden,

Rose Roots Leadership Team

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