Rose RootZone July 2022 Iss. 2

Greetings Gardeners,

It was such a pleasure to be together in our beautiful, lush community garden space for our Ten Year Anniversary Celebration serenaded by the fabulous Brandywine and the Mighty Fines Bluegrass band. We had a great turnout, after a few raindrops the weather stabilized, and we enjoyed a delicious potluck bbq.

We missed those who couldn't be there, many of whom have contributed so much over the years, evidenced by the immaculately designed and maintained space, the color, the infrastructure, the well maintained plot borders and pathways, the pollinator garden in full bloom, the well maintained community plots, and the lush garden plots full of veggies and flowers. Thank you to all those who have made this place a peaceful rejuvinating gathering place for community and a place where we can practice sustainable local organic agriculture and teach future generations how to nurture the land.

Rose Roots History

  • Check out an interview with several of our garden founders Here to learn more about our favorite place!

  • Don't miss this video "My Own Two Hands" of how the garden was built.

Ten Year Anniversary Celebration Moments

Gardener Gratitude

Kathy Kelly and Donna Neill working on compost!

Heartfelt appreciation goes out to the 11 gardeners* who showed up to work away in the sweltering heat on July 9