Rose RootZone: Iss. 2 Mid April Updates

The big news is...The Water is Turned on at the Garden! Let the Ten Year Anniversary celebration season begin!

And in other News and Updates:

1. We had a wonderful Kick Off Work Party, Potluck and Egg hunt to celebrate our the start of our 10 Year Anniversary season. Thank you all for helping clean out the barn, set up the hoses, get the compost bins in order, get some info up on the kiosk and start grading the Westside Landscaping project, and for bringing delicious food! Check out the Photos of the special day Here.

Setting up Education Plot for Workshops

2. One of our founders Gina Schley, of SHEGROWS, is offering a workshop TODAY Friday April 22 at 5:30 pm at the garden called "Set Up Your Garden as a Power Workhorse". All gardeners and community are welcome. Don’t miss this valuable breakdown of important steps to setting your garden up for success. RSVP at the Evite Here.

Gina also shared she has a free Mini Course in Soil Preparation on her website Here. Check it out. Healthy balanced rich soil the key to gardening success!

3. Compost is available at the garden. It’s the pile of dark rich looking stuff on outside the west side fence line. Please take one to two wheelbarrows full so we have enough for everyone.

Note: We’ve noticed some plastic and glass particles in the “organic” compost we ordered and circled back with our concessionaire Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) who sourced the compost and it seems this is not uncommon for commercially produced compost which is processed near other recycling streams. We recommend using the screens available to screen out unwanted particles if you are concerned about safety.

Also Note: We also produce our own compost from organic garden refuse and sometimes things get mixed in we’d rather not have, but overall it tends to be rich and clean. You are welcome to use our in-house compost from the boxes on the south side near the garden entrance off the pathway, and put your Organic compostable items in the pile next to the bins (the sign at the bins will guide you on what goes in and what doesn't).

STAR Gardener Tip: We encourage gardeners to mow compost and water the compost boxes whenever you get the chance, as this is great way to get service hours in and it is an ongoing important job that takes a lot of people throughout the season. Breaking down the materials and watering them help us create “black gold” within weeks to enrich our plot soils, while keeping the valuable organic garden “waste” out of the landfill!

Note: Be sure to dig out metal and plastic and cut pieces down to 3-6 inches before using our mower. Think: If it isn’t something I’d mow with my own mower, I wouldn’t put it in the in compost or mow it with the garden's mower.

Note: You can Log your Service hours Here. (12 service hours, or work in community spaces, are required per plot per season).


2022 Garden Kick Off Work Party, Potluck Brunch and Egg Hunt

Sat April 16


4. Third Thursday Gardener Market/Potluck/Work Party: This season we will have work parties every Third Thursday starting on May 19, with a workshop offered that day by Jim Richards (more info to come), seasoned Rose Roots Gardener, while work party leads VP Patty Sacks and Julie Lesnick guide projects. This will be followed by a BBQ potluck, and a Gardener Market, with several live music events scheduled throughout the season. This is a great way to meet your garden community!

Do you have an Artisan Item to Sell? Please consider participating in our Gardener Market as a Vendor: Find more information and Sign up for our upcoming market as a Vendor at our Evite Here by May 13.

5. Save these Upcoming Dates