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Rose RootZone Aug 2022 Iss. 3

Greetings Gardeners and Friends of Rose Roots,

The garden is going gangbusters! Even with the pesky mildew, ravenous beetles, and fat hornworms, hundreds of pounds of produce are being harvested daily in our garden and boy do those tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini, chard, tomatillos, dahlias, squash, artichokes, lettuce etc etc etc look beautiful and delicious! Not only are you supporting and endorsing healthy eating for your families and providing a colorful lush backdrop for the community pathway, you are also providing produce for the Community Table and Veggie Van, and supporting so many pollinators! We have seen monarchs sitting on milkweed, goldfinches loving the sunflowers, and honeybees enjoying the stunning array of flowers. You give back to your community in so many ways. Thank you.

Below are some Updates.

Westside Landscaping Project Update

On August 13th, 14th and 18th, we tallied up 50.5 volunteer hours as we proceeded to work on implementing the West Side Project. With the rough grading completed we were able to fine grade the farm to table picnic area pathways, set landscape edging, roll out weed barrier fabric and move about half of the crusher fines. We even removed one dead tree and watered our BIG compost pile!

Round 1

Thanks to Maggie Alcorn, Steve Wheeler, Tom Glum, Kendra Eliason, Jason Anderson, Rich and Joan Jarboe, Joan Carroll, Jessica Rankosky, Donna Neill Margaret Jacot, Erin Newton, and Grayson and Julian Inman for working hard in the extreme heat of summer. Many of you kept coming back on successive days and for that we are extremely grateful.

Round 2

On Aug 18, 20 and 21 another 45 hours was donated and much progress was made with the help of more zealous, fun loving hardworking volunteers! Thank you to all the volunteers who have shown up with happy hearts and busy hands and banded together joyfully to help beautify our neighborhood and community. We enjoyed seeing Patty Sacks, Erin Newton, Joan Carroll, Christie Moran, Carrie and Ryan Nakamoto, Pam and Patrice Burns, Curt and Cindee Donohue, Barb Mutnan, Grayson and Julian Inman, Nolan and Aidan Parker, Maggie Alcorn, Steve Wheeler, Kathy Kelly, Jason Andersen, Katie Meis, Joan Carroll, Brian Seatek, and Shannon Sawer. We have such a wonderful group of gardeners working to nourish the environment and grow community and we appreciate each and every one of you.

Round 3

On Aug 25, 27, and 28 we had many of the same hard workers along with DUG CORP members Lauren and Sydney raking, moving rocks, and completing the final gravel spreading to create the community gathering space, ADA access to the portalet, and pathways. On these last three days volunteers logged over 70 hours and we were happy to see Joan Carroll, Kendra Eliason, Katie Meis, Barb Mutnan, Danae Davison, Margaret Jacot, Jessica Rankoski, Lauren Groth, Patty Sacks, Erin Newton, Cydnie Wilson, Grayson Inman, Carol Fabrizio, Analou Lopez, Jerry Schultz, CJ McCormant, Julie Lesnick and Donna Neill. Again, thank you all for your dedicated work! We have had so much positive feedback from community and gardeners who are excited to see the project coming together!

Next Steps:

  • Recruit funds for tree and drought resistant ground cover, and select species

  • Recruit partners in Arvada's Arts Commission to help source a sculpture centerpiece

  • Recruit a creative engineering team to build an archway to support climbing rose vines as an entryway to the space.

  • Seeding of wildflowers and meadow grasses and limited planting of pollinator perennials will be scheduled in early September and October.

Westside Work Parties-What a Crew!

Dates: Aug 13, 14, 18, 20, 21, 25, 27, 28

August Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Here is a link to our draft minutes. Once approved at our next meeting, these will be available on our website. Thank you all who attended and provided helpful feedback.

Rose Roots Financial Summary

Here is our 2022 Season Budget with expenses reflected. In summary, we are doing well!

The Rose Roots Community Garden Steering Committee prides itself on closely monitoring how garden money is spent. For the past ten years, the garden has operated primarily from the revenue generated from the sale of garden plots.

Each year, this revenue has been used to fix and maintain each plot, along with the barn and tool sheds. The revenue is also used to purchase and maintain the wheelbarrows, carts, and garden equipment. And of course, there are operating costs such as water, electricity, maintenance of the portalet, and trash roll off.

As a result of careful and thoughtful spending, each year the garden has seen a substantial carryover of funds. This is attributed to the steering committee members of the past and present using sound accounting practices.

At the beginning of 2022, the garden budget rose to $13,210.22. This amount is a result of the carryover of funds in the amount of $9,157.22, coupled by $4,053 from the sale of garden plot fees.

To date, a total of $4,181.40 (actuals) has been spent from the $13,210.22 budgeted. With a little over two months of the growing season left, Rose Roots will once again enjoy a carryover of funds.

You can be sure the carryover of funds for Rose Roots Community Garden wii be spent in the most prudent and conservative manner possible. Gardener input is always welcome at our monthly steering committee meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at the garden (weather permitting, check the calendar for schedule changes by 5:00 before the meeting if the weather looks iffy).

Produce Donations

Cindee Malito, Produce Donation Lead, reports gardeners are giving generously through our produce donation program.

In July, as expected, donations were quite low, yet a respectable sum of 67 pounds was given from our gardeners. The volunteer donation amount per pound is $2.71. So in July our gardeners donated 67 pounds, equivalent to $181.57. In August, produce donations rose, thanks to gardeners who generously contributed 288 pounds, equivalent to $780.48.

Our grand total for July and August is 355 pounds donated, equivalent to $962.44

Aren't these numbers fabulous? Your help through the produce donation program allowed this to become a reality. Thank you and please give yourself a well deserved hug!

Gardener Requests

We are still looking for tree donations, as well as organic means for controlling pests such as donations of diatomaceous earth, beneficial nematodes, and neem oil. Each season we operate on a very small budget with the lion's share of our seasonal income being the approximate $4,500 we keep from plot fees after DUG dues. Gardeners who would like to donate specific needed items, may donate by contacting our treasurer Here. We are working on a Need Specific donation site, so stay tuned.

The Garden in Full Bloom

Upcoming Events

What: Laura's Cooking Class Rescheduled!

Date: Thursday Sept 15

When: 6 pm

RSVP: Evite Here

What to Bring: cup, bowl and silverware for sampling, chair

Next Steering Committee Meeting: Sept 13, 2022, 6 pm at the garden, (unless notified on the calendar by 5:00 of change of location due to weather). All gardeners welcome!

Mark your Calendar

Arvada Harvest Festival

After a two-year hiatus, Arvada's 97th Harvest Festival is back!

This year's festivities will be held

Friday, Sept. 9 (5 to 10:30 p.m.),

Saturday, Sept. 10 (12 to 10:30 p.m.) and

Sunday, Sept. 11 (12 to 6 p.m.)

at its NEW LOCATION - Lutz Fields (10664 W. 58th Ave.).

The Harvest Festival Parade (Saturday, Sept 10, 9 a.m. to noon) also has a new route:

W. 58th Avenue between Ward Road and Kipling Street.

More info Here

Finally, don't forget to Follow Rose Roots Community Garden on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest updates and engage with your community. And a final final word, Keep those produce donations coming! Our partner organizations reeeaaalllly appreciate all of your donations (get all excess produce to the barn before 9 am on Monday and Thursday for pick-up).

Looking forward to seeing you all out at the garden,

Rose Roots Leadership Team

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