March 2022 Rose RootZone Newsletter

2022 Plot Registration

Welcome to the Rose Roots 2022 Garden Season,

In the Lucky month of Green, the buds are starting to peep through the snow and nearly all of our plots have been filled in our Pre-Registration process. Returning gardeners and gardeners who registered on our Pre-Registration Waistlist last season have been invited to Register using the Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) Registration link. We are excited to see all of you this season and we have some exciting social events planned to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary this season (see below)!

If you haven't already, the time to register and pay for your plot is here.

Things to know before registering and paying for your plot and sample screen shots below from the DUG sign up page:

  • You must have a Plot Assignment from us before filling out the form in the link below. Contact us Here if you don't have a plot number.

  • Plot registration form is accessible via any smart device (computer, phone, tablet).

  • After submittal, a confirmation copy of the application and your payment made will be sent to Membership at Rose Roots and Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) so we can confirm your payment.

  • If you are not planning on returning, please email us so we can assign plots to those on the waitlist.

  • DUG dues of $25 are taken out of your plot fees as the city has a concessionaire agreement with DUG to manage the Rose Roots property, and DUG provides gardening resources Here.

  • If you would like to make an additional donation to DUG, that is an option on the plot application, otherwise no action is needed on your part. (For example: you will pay $75 for a full plot, $25 of that goes to DUG and $50 stays with Rose Roots). Please see screenshot below for clarity as this can be confusing.

  • Each adult gardener must fill out the Registration form below to garden at Rose Roots as that covers your liability insurance. All gardeners, even those who share plots, are required to fill out the Registration Form per DUG. As the second gardener just put zero dollars in the amount.

  • You will put your plot number in “Feedback” in the form.

  • Please be sure to purchase your plot with the amount necessary to cover your plot size as assigned. Plot fees are below.

Plot Fees $75 for a full plot $45 for a half plot or ADA plot

2022 Plot Fee

  • Below is an exact screen shot that you will see on the DUG registration site. The $25 for each of the questions below “auto populates” AND must be changed manually by you.

  • Each garden determines its own annual plot fee based on plot size. Please fill in the 2022 plot fee amount as provided by your Garden Leader, or the determined adjusted/waived amount you can pay towards your plot.

  • If you are signing up for a full plot the amount in the Plot Fee box is $50 (in other words $75 minus $25 (the autopopulated amount in DUG dues box)=$50 goes to Rose Roots).

  • If you have two plots, the amount in the Plot fee box should be $100.

  • If you are signing up for a ½ plot or ADA plot the amount in the box is $20

  • $45-$25 (for DUG)=$20 to Rose Roots

  • Can you Pay it Forward and cover another gardener’s plot fee? If so, enter a Pay It Forward amount below and make a note in the feedback section below if you have a specific gardener or garden in mind. If you don’t specify we will add this to the DUG plot fee scholarship fund. Note: If you DO NOT wish to contribute any more to DUG please change this box to $0, otherwise any amount put into this box will go directly to DUG and not Rose Roots Garden.

The second screen shot below denotes the DUG fees which is always $25. Please check the box below that denotes $25. If you wish to donate extra money to DUG, you certainly can (once again this goes directly to DUG).