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Top 10 reasons you should join a community garden (Preferably Rose Roots!)

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

By Erin Newton

January 20, 2019

In case you are a new gardener, a seasoned Green Hand, or have gardened in the past and have considered re-joining, here are the top ten reasons you should reserve your plot now!

1. You might see some American Kestrels, Hummingbirds, Raptors, Meadowlarks, and all manner of songbirds, and it might just make your day.

2. The Garden is a wonderful place to see the sun rise, set, watch the storms roll in and the rainbows after, and hear the sounds of nature, as well as spot some goats, lamas, and improve your taxonomy classifications for flora and fauna, including those pesky voracious red and black bugs with fancy designs on their backs.

3. They say the happiest and longest living cultures in the world have traditional daily ways to meet up in person and build community for all ages. At the Garden, you will see your neighbors, meet new passers-by walking and biking on the trail who could be come friends, and you can interact with people of all ages and backgrounds, and live happier longer!

4. It is a free and scenic location to host a happy hour with friends, a Farm-to-Table picnic, or a BBQ with family and friends. It is hard to be sad with so many colorful flower faces smiling back at you.

5. Once you plant the seeds, you get to sit around for a while, and while waiting for them to germinate you can have Social Weeding Meet Ups and learn how to grow new crops, or get tips on the best varieties for our Colorado climate.

6. You can enjoy musical performances while checking on your germinating seeds, weeding, harvesting your crop, or sipping your favorite Happy Hour drink.

7. You can shake a leg to help your garden grow at a community Pot-luck and Hoedown.

8. Your children can diversify their gut biota by eating dirt with a little manure, or manure with a little dirt (both of my boys survived and didn't fare too bad).

9. You can reconnect with your parents or garden lovers in your life by spending time with them or honor them by sharing your organic harvest with other friends and family, and your community Food Bank.

10. No one will give you funny looks if you sing Peter, Paul and Mary's "Garden Song" at the top of your lungs.

"Garden Song" Lyrics for Reference

"Inch by inch, row by row

I'm gonna make this garden grow.

All it takes Is a rake and a hoe,

and a piece of fertile ground."

Inch by inch, row by row

someone bless these seed is sew

someone warm them from below

till the rain come tumblin' down."

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