Rose RootZone August 2022 Iss. 2

Greetings Gardeners,
Welcome back to school, for those of who indulge, or sorry your summer fun is over, for those of you resisting getting back into the routines. Appreciation goes to gardeners Daniel Yanez and family members Jennifer and Ruby, for volunteering their assistance on Saturday, August 6 to assist with our West Side Landscape Improvements Project. With Daniel operating our rented skid steer, we were able to complete grading operations for the picnic area and pathways and, after a bit of coordinating the grading operations (okay, mostly Patty's arm waving at Daniel) and hand raking, Daniel moved gravel onto the weed barrier fabric.
Buoyed by evidence of the weekend's activities, on Monday August 8, Kendra Eliason and Katie Meis were motivated to complete fine grading at the picnic area to enable laying of yet more weed fabric. Thanks Kendra and Katie! Volunteers are encouraged to come out and help finish up to prepare for planting in the fall! Numerous volunteer days will be scheduled in August. Check the calendar for dates and times.

As mentioned in our recent update, Garden VP and Westside Project Lead Patty Sacks will be holding numerous volunteer mornings during August to complete the fine grading and graveling for the West Side Project, and to prepare the beds for fall planting. Please contact Patty at and let her know if you can attend. Hours will be tracked as donations in kind, by John Malito, and you can also upload your time on the Rose Roots website, as it will count toward the 12 hour requirement for Rose Roots Community Garden members.

Upcoming Westside Work Party Dates

  • Thursday, August 18, 8-noon

  • Saturday, August 20, 8-noon

  • Sunday, August 21, 8-noon

  • Thursday August 25, 8-noon

  • Saturday, August 27, 8-noon

  • Sunday, August 28, 8-noon Come on down and work those muscles!

Grading Steps of Westside Landscaping Project

Step 1. Rough Grading with Skid Steer

Step 2. Site is fine graded by hand raking, the Weed barrier fabric laid out.

Step 3. Daniel Yanez operating skid steer moving gravel

Garden Gratitude

  • Huge thanks to Patty and Daniel for making the grading happen on the Westside Landscaping Project. Major break through!

  • Thank you also to all gardeners coming out to help with this big push on the Westside Landscaping project where we are starting to get pathways in and are looking forward to planting drought resistant foliage. Many hands make light work!

Gardening Tips

  • Water your plot before using the rototiller, and hopefully we won't have to replace so many tines.

Garden Pest Identification and Organic Control Methods

Patty pinged John, with CSU Extension, for more info on Squash Bugs. Here is his feedback: