DUG Garden Symposium 2021 Recap

Several Rose Roots Gardeners attended the online Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) Annual Symposium on Feb 15, 2021. We were reminded our parent organization has a lot to offer Rose Roots gardeners!

A little about DUG:

The DUG network is comprised of 180+ community gardens throughout Metro Denver, including 74 school-based community gardens and the Delaney Community Farm. Their goal is to ensure that all gardens are developed by the local community, must be set up for the long-term, and are organically grown and cared for.

How DUG Supports Our Gardens (from DUG Leader Training resources)

  • Cultivates community-driven garden leadership, including volunteer gardener leader recruitment and placement

  • Provides garden maintenance support

  • Provides fiscal management of garden accounts (when requested)

  • Provides liability insurance coverage for gardens and serve as a liaison between gardens and city officials, agencies, and water providers

  • Establishes working relations with garden property owner agencies and negotiate and maintain garden site use agreements

  • Coordinates volunteer groups and supervise large maintenance and improvement projects

  • Mediates inter-community gardener conflicts as requested

  • Organizes peer-to-peer networking and learning events for gardeners and garden leaders

Resources offered to Rose Roots Gardeners:

Symposium Speakers:

-Linda Appel Lipsius: DUG’s executive director: interested in visiting our garden. Working on scheduling a Spring garden visit.

-Lara Fahnstock: Director of Garden Support: https://community.dug.org/members/3583240

-Nessa Mogharreban: Physical Infrastructure and Community Engagement

-Laura Calderon: volunteer coordinator, Spanish translator: dug.volunteerhub.com

-“Jungle” Judy Elliott: compost training coordinator, sign up for composting session.

-Rob Payo: director of k-12 education, short videos of activities “Fizzles”, rob@dug.org

Gardening Benefits:

-Food Access

-Gardens building community, micro-communities

-Climate action: greened over 30 acres of Denver land

-Skill building: epicenters for k-12 education, leadership training, workshops,

-Health and Well-being: physical and mental benefits

-Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion (JEDI)

Ongoing DUG Goals:

  • Strengthening access for underserved communities: putting garden in every community

  • Amplify our network: with community and corporate partners/sponsorships

Leadership trainings are approaching and are noted on the Rose Roots Calendar. Email leadership@roserootsgarden.org if you’d like to take on a leadership role and participate in any upcoming trainings offered by DUG.