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--Margaret Mead

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Rose Roots Plot Reservation


Reserve your Plot

We know many people are missing their family, friends and neighbors with COVID-19 social distancing measures, so we'd like to invite you to join our neighborhood Rose Roots Community Garden to have the opportunity to be at a safe social distance, but still be social!  We are located right here in the neighborhood at 12920 W. 84th Ave and have over 90 plots for the community. Our goals are to restore bonds between people food and nature and to work together to create a better local food system for our community and future generations. 

Normally we would have a registration open house to meet your garden neighbors, pay your garden dues, sign up for service jobs, and learn about garden responsibilities as part of an all volunteer group, but in an effort to keep everyone safe, we are doing garden plot registration online only this year. As plot registration just opened, we invite you to reserve your plot while they are still available!  

Email our garden Garden Leader Kendra Eliason with any questions or to get a plot assignment. All experience levels are welcome! It is an easy 3 step process to get a plot: 

1. Email Kendra at membership@roserootsgarden.org for a plot assignment and to determine your plot fee based on the size you'd like to reserve.  This year we are offering 15'x15' plots for $75, half 7.5' x 15' plots for $45 and smaller raised ADA plots for $35. Fees include water, tools, fertilizer, workshops, garden concerts and socials, and the opportunity to meet your neighbors! Twelve service hours are required per year). 

2. Fill out the Denver Urban Garden registration from the link Kendra will provide and pay your fees online.
3. Start Gardening! Put your seeds in by June 1 (But ideally get planting just after Mother's day. Of course you can still plant flowers to give her all season!)

General vegetable growing season in Colorado: 

-March, April: You can start planting vegetables now that thrive in cool weather like broccoli, brussels sprouts, carrots, cabbage, kale, lettuce, swiss chard, spinach, radishes, rutabaga, cauliflower, beets, peas, onions and potatoes. 

Note: Tomatoes, Eggplants and peppers take longer to mature so you can plant those as seedlings and/or grow your own indoors and transplant them after the last frost in May). 

-Late April/May: Plant summer vegetables like beans, cowpeas, corn, squashes, pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelons, gourds, and sunflowers, or start indoors now and transplant seedlings after the danger of last frost has passed. 

-June-Oct: Replant things that go to seed, Harvest until Mid to late October. Donate extra food to Arvada Food Bank (We donated over 3,000 pounds last year!)

Reasons to Join us:

-Get Exercise
-Socialize with your neighbors at a safe distance
-Unplug with your family and friends
-Relax in Nature, get some ecotherapy and improve mental and physical health
-Learn a new valuable skill
-Grow healthy organic food for your family
-Grow healthy organic food for your community


Stay well!

Rose Roots Garden Community 

Do You Have Talent to Share?

Special Events


Can you play an instrument, offer a workshop on how to grow the biggest onions or pumpkins or would you like to host a slide show of your gardening journey and the things you've learned by "Failing Forward?" Would you like to host a seasonal cooking class, share with fellow gardeners how to preserve foods, or offer a class on local weeds, pests and mildew and how to reduce their effects? Have you found especially successful crops or techniques for our arid climate and shorter growing season?


Are you part of a bluegrass band or have Dancing Caller skills for our next HoeDown? Do you have contacts who could share their area of expertise? We welcome any contributions you can share with our gardening community. Get in touch and you may become a Featured Presenter at our next informal BBQ or Farm-to-Table elegant gathering.

Calling All Green Writers: 

With our shorter Colorado growing season, our lower temps, the occasional hail storm, and cyclic challenges like heat, heavy rain, mold, wind, and garden opportunists like hungry bugs and bunnies, it can be challenging to be an Organic gardener here. But as they say, "Nothing worth doing comes easy."

Those of you who have gardened in Colorado for years, have stories and lessons to share. Whether you'd like to offer a short write up about a Garden Incident, a funny anecdote, or some tips for the upcoming season, please share with us and we will publish on our Rose Roots Blog. Crowd sharing our experiences will make us a stronger, smarter garden community! Email your submissions here.


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  • All Member meetings occur the first Monday of each month at Standley Lake Library from 6-8 pm. The leadership team would love your input and contributions.

  • "Like" the Public Facebook group called "Rose Roots Community Gardeners"

  • Join the Closed Facebook Group "Rose Roots" for insider updates if you have a plot.

  • Easily share Garden photos by posting on Facebook or Instagram and tag Rose Roots Instagram Gallery by writing in your post "#Roserootscommunitygarden"

  • Add the Rose Roots Google Calendar to your calendar updates here and never miss an event!

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I grow my plants for many reasons

To please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty, or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.

--David Hobson

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